This Pink Stinks

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What are people thinking?  I was invited to brunch last month in Southern California at a golf and tennis country club. A really nice one too I might add.  The only dress requirement for brunch was no denim. A really sweet lady who was in our party showed up dressed like this.  She had a pink flowered muumuu or long dress with light purple sweats on.  Not tights mind you, but fleece sweat pants.  I couldn’t bite my tongue and asked, “What’s up with the sweats?”  She said she was cold.  Okay.  So that probably explained the pink toe socks, in which every toe was a different color pink, and the pink hoodie too.  Now let’s not forget she was also wearing pink slip-on rubber sandals with rhinestones on them.  When you think about it, the dress and sandals would probably have been okay for the brunch but when you add the sweats and the toe socks that just took the outfit to a whole new level. [left_image link=""][/left_image] Once again I had to ask, “So, why all the pink clothes?”  I obviously have no tact.  She said her favorite color is blue but one of her friends said she looked really good in pink so she went out and bought a lot of pink clothes.  Hence, the all-pink outfit. Well, I snarkily thought, that explains it—perfectly reasonable explanation. Ladies you don’t have to dress from head to toe in one color.  Just pick two items at the most of the same color.  Your earrings don’t have to match your socks either.  Keep it simple. This lady isn’t old or poor, nor is she crazy.  She just has absolutely no fashion sense whatsoever.  She’s actually a very nice, professional woman.  I hope she doesn’t dress like that at work.  When it came down to it, she looked homeless. But she didn’t care; she was comfortable.  I wish I had that kind of self-esteem, where I didn’t care what people thought because I knew I looked fabulous in just any old thing.  I could sure save myself a lot of money on clothes. So, the country club didn’t allow denim but they allowed faux pas chic?  Does this Quirk work?  Let us know what you think.  Send us your comments and pictures of your fashion quirks so we can post them on the site.


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