Big Bang Theory and Marvelous Sheldon Shirts for 2-9-2012

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This week’s Big Bang was hilarious as usual. If you missed it, Sheldon is forced to take a vacation and bothers Amy in her biology lab, and Bernadette wants a prenup with Wolowitz. Geek jokes ensue! Also: “Wolowitz, speaking for all women, we had a meeting and it is not going to happen” Like every show, there are plenty of geek products, and as we all know, geek is the new cool! So check out the products from this week. Or, as I like to say, Sheldon’s shirts: Nanotubes Shirt from Thinker Clothing:  thinkerclothing.comBig Bang sheldon wears nanotubes shirt                   Reddit Alien Shirt:  Big Bang sheldon wears Reddit Alien Reddit is one of the largest communities on the internet. If you have never been on Reddit, go now! Seriously, what are you waiting for? will change your life.                 Test Pattern Shirt  zcache.comBig Bang sheldon wears test pattern shirt                     Tamagotchi. Yes, they still have them!  amazon.combig bang theory sheldon plays with a tamagotchi and it is still alive For our younger geeks out there, Tamagotchi were virtual pets in a small electronic device. Leonard listens to a Black-Eyed Peas song that makes Sheldon bleed from his ears:


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