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I started watching an American Horror Story after the season had started.  I have to admit I was a little lost at first but every time a show ended I couldn’t wait for the next week’s episode.  I have always been a fan of horror/drama and admit that this show freaks me out a bit.  Every once in a while I experience those chills running up my spine at the switch of events.  Nothing seems predictable and every time the show goes back in the past we understand what is happening that much more. [left_image link=""][/left_image] The whole idea of these spirits being stuck in the house where they died is interesting in itself.  But that they can show themselves when and how they want makes for a very interesting story.  I’m never quite sure who is real and who is not until they reveal how the person died.  This show is always keeping me guessing who is evil and who is good. [right_image link=""][/right_image] Last week they revealed the person behind the rubber suit.  I have to admit I was shocked that it was Tate Langdon. Now this really complicates the story line because not only is Tate banging Mrs. Harmon but he also banged Violet her daughter.  So does this make Tate the dad of Mrs. Harmon’s twins?  If so, what will the babies end up looking like?  Will they be human, resemble one of the creatures kept in the jar, or maybe a creature like Constance Langdon’s child?  No I’m not talking about Tate I’m talking about the one who always wants to play with the red ball.  The one they keep locked up in the attic.  This story line gives me the creeps. [left_image link=""][/left_image] On a side note, what about Moira O’Hara, the Housekeeper, feeding Vivien raw brains?  I’m not sure what to make of her.  She seems to be a dedicated housekeeper but yet is in on the whole plan.  Of course that is whatever that plan is. [right_image link=""][/right_image] What is going to happen with these babies?  The fact that the show ended with Vivien Harmon being sent off to a loony farm really puts a twist on things.  Violet let her mom get sent off when she knew the things her mom said were true.  This was all for her dedication to her beloved Tate.  Where is this show going next week?  I for one cannot wait to see.  I’m sure there will be plenty of twists and turns.


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TYVM you've solved all my prolebms

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