Big Surprises with Nurse Jackie

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If you’re not watching Nurse Jackie yet, it’s high time you started tuning in. I first caught onto this show about a year ago, just because I enjoy Edie Falco and it of course sounds promising. I burned through season one and two just in time for season three, and I enjoyed every minute of it. Now season four is well under way (four episodes down, six to go), and this show is managing to impress me in new and exciting ways.

For one, this show has really been a dry comedy at heart, with some dramatic undertones here and there, but this season is much different. It’s got some really over-arching plots that have been ridiculously compelling. First of all, there was Jackie’s rehab situation. I was not happy to see her leave rehab, but at the same time, I realized that isolating Jackie in a clinic isn’t going to do anyone any favors when it comes to quality TV.

She went back to work and things really picked up since then. First of all, I’m still loving the addition of Bobby Cannavale to the cast, which has been genius. It turns out that there is a twist – a first on Nurse Jackie! Cannavale is the father of Jackie’s friend Charlie, whom she met in rehab. I am really liking this. For one, Cannavale will eventually find out about Jackie’s stint in rehab, and then what? I’m assuming it’ll be as explosive as tonight’s other major development – Jackie’s former lover telling her husband all about her drug usage.

In lighter news, there is always something style-related to talk about with this show. There were definitely some plusses tonight – Cannavale rocking a white jacket like no other, and there was also O’Hara’s dorky but fierce tattoo from her gap year. On the other hand, there were some definite minuses...Charlie’s green hair? Can someone PLEASE wash what I can only assume to be Kool-Aid out? But I have a feeling the green hair is here to stay. At least his skin tone is that nice olive, because it could still be worse, believe it or not.


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