“Bite Me, Please”: Chris Meloni May Join the Cast of True Blood

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I have never been a fan of vampires or any scary monsters on the screen, but that may change for me if Christopher Meloni joins the cast of True Blood.  Word on the casting streets is Christopher Meloni is eyeing a major role on the show.   I came late to the Christopher Meloni fan club, but better late than never.   I watched maybe 5 minutes of an OZ episode but grew even fond of Elliott Stabler, I mean Christopher Meloni, on Law and Order SVU.  Give me a late night or all day Sunday marathon of Law and Order SVU and I am good to go.   The show just isn’t the same for me since he left; so for this show in particular, I thank God for reruns.  I probably won’t run out to see Man of Steel, but if the rumors come true, I may ask you to save me a place on the couch for True Blood. Elliot Stabler may be one of those roles that is a double edged sword for actors, sort of like Mr. Whipple or Maria Bamford, aka the Target lady,  for you younger folk.  The actor gains great frame from their original or noteworthy role, but you also have a hard time picturing them as anyone else.  A role, especially those in True Blood or Man of Steel, may not be a creative stretch for Mr. Meloni but that’s probably not his goal.  I am happy for the working actor but Elliot Stabler in the cast of Nights in Rodanthe had me completely puzzled. I could not help but giggle and see “my Elliott” when reading the casting calls: “incredibly powerful vampire”, “hard-boiled fifty-something to play an alpha vampire who isn’t likely to share water bowl”, “fifties Marine- type werewolf who refuses to bow down before the new pack leader”.  But toss in another chance to see those tats, and it works for me. Perhaps this will bring a whole new audience to the show.  The right actor can often bring viewers who watch a show just for their appearances.  I had no plans to jump on the vampire bandwagon. I may be completely lost when I do jump in, but I am willing to put that all aside for another look at that misplaced anger, rage and the tattoos of Elliott Stabler, I mean Chris Meloni.


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I relaly appreciate free, succinct, reliable data like this.

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