Grey’s Anatomy – Another Snoozer

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For those of you who missed the latest Grey’s Anatomy, you didn’t miss much. It was the second episode in a row (in just as many weeks) that left me wanting more. I was enjoying most of the rest of the season, but perhaps I was overestimating the good parts – it seems Grey’s has been on a downward trend this year. More and more people tuning out as the season wears on, and it really seems like it’s because not too much is happening.

All that happened at Mercy West this week was Sloane filling in for Hunt as he and Christina took the day off to deal with their relationship – which ended in a break-up. I like both of these characters, so I don’t want to see them in a rut, but this has been coming for about a season and a half now. They have been as unhappy as Meredith was in the first two seasons squared, so really, all I can feel is THANK GOD that relationship is over. This show needs some fresh air, and this is hopefully a start. Besides that, there is all the talk of the upcoming boards. Apparently no one but perfect Meredith is prepared, and the writers have decided once more to make her the quintessential saint and save the day. We’ll see how well this actually goes over. Last, but definitely not least, there was a somewhat awkward but also somewhat cute story between Teddy, Arizona, Callie, and Bailey. In an effort to bring the newly widowed Teddy out of her slump, the latter three throw a girls’ night that none of them really want to go to, but eventually all give in and support her. It had some cute moments, but it wasn’t riveting. The bright spot of this episode is that everyone looked great. I am loving Teddy’s new hairdo – the sleek, straight looks fits her well (and this is also great news because Grey’s Anatomy takes the cake for WORST hair makeovers every season – remember Lexi’s blonde days? Or Lexi in the alternate universe? Or the shock of her bangs? I guess it might just be Lexi, but still). I’m also loving Bailey’s new ’do – for once, they give this woman a look that’s as beautiful as she is. The same can be said of Arizona. They’ve finally ditched that dry, curly look for a sophisticated straight one, and I like it! Did you catch that preview for next week? Bailey’s son is…kidnapped? I will definitely be tuning in for that one.


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