Nicki Minaj: The New Face of Pepsi

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Pepsi is showing that they mean business, by booking yet another major celebrity pop star for an ad campaign. Having already tapped Michael Jackson, Madonna, and Brittany Spears in the past, Pepsi has most recently nabbed Nicki Minaj.

Although it’s too early in Minaj’s career to determine if she will reach the legendary status of her Pepsi advertising alumni, the major cola company clearly thinks she has enough star appeal to compete against Coca-Cola’s ad campaign in the 2012 summer Olympics in London.

"Nicki has momentum. She's a maverick," Frank Cooper, PepsiCo chief marketing officer of global consumer engagement, told Billboard. "She represents the kind of artist who's in the moment, making things happen on her own terms."

Minaj is currently shooting the ad campaign in Argentina. Starring in the ad campaign works symbiotically to help Minaj garner more exposure and advertisement for her sophomore album Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded.

The title track on Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, featuring rapper Lil' Wayne, references (brags about) her Pepsi gig when Minaj raps, "The ad is global / Your ad was local."

The new Pepsi ad campaign, named “Live For Now,” begins on May 7 and features Minaj’s 2010 single “Moment for Life.” More details will not be released before April 30, when Pepsi announces its new brand positioning initiative, which will be the beginning of a five-year commitment to boost interest for the soda.

Soon after Minaj’s ad campaign is launched, Pepsi will release another one that will run simultaneously. The second campaign honors the 25th anniversary of Michael Jackson’s album Bad. The campaign features Jackson remixes from popular DJs like A-track.

Coca-Cola’s global marketing campaign for the summer is called “Move to the Beat,” and it will be their biggest ad campaign ever. Its soundtrack is producer Mark Ronson’s original track, “Anywhere in the World,” which features Katy B. In a creative approach, Ronson will also travel to Singapore, Russia, Mexico, and the U.S. to turn the sounds of five Olympic athletes training into a global dance track. Think the ponging of table tennis and the swoosh of an archer’s arrow.

"This is the one shot for me. It may be the biggest exposure I have for a song," Ronson told MIDEM panel moderator Ian Rogers of Topspin.

Both cola companies are clearly bringing out the big guns this summer. We’re eager to experience all of the campaigns, but we doubt any of them are going to change our minds of which soda we prefer.


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