Not the Best Episode Ever

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So there are only two episodes of Grey’s Anatomy left this season, and though I was kind of excited after last week’s dynamic episode, I am fully back to a state of non-enthusiasm after tonight’s rigmarole. It went nowhere quickly, and even the new developments were a bit of a disappointment.

In case you gave up on Grey’s Anatomy a season ago after the horrendous musical episode (like every single one of my friends_, we began the process of ending the time these doctors spent as residents. The boards have been looming for months now, and on top of that, people are interviewing all over the country for fellowships from Boston to San Francisco.

Tonight was the climax of the boards story, and it ended with all of the doctors heading into their respective exams, except for the almighty Alex Karev. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for morally gray characters, but there’s a difference between gray (no pun intended) and inconsistent! Alex is officially the most inconsistent character I’ve ever seen on any show, so much so that he’s almost becoming a caricature of the tortured soul he’s supposed to be. In real life, no one would EVER miss the biggest day of their life like he did last night. If they did, they would sure as hell make sure to be on the phone to let someone know about it. So here we are again, retreading the same story that was told by George O’Malley in season four, as one of our doctors will have to re-do a stage of their career.

Next, there was the colossal failure that was trying to make Avery and April happen. Someone please shoot me because that was the most forced encounter I’ve ever seen, with the most generic lead-in to boot. It was even less interesting than the “chemistry” between Avery’s mother and the chief (P.S. – is Avery’s mother going to become a staple on the show? Not that I’d mind, but am I really the only person who just doesn’t have an interest in the chief’s love life?). Again, I’ve seen that scene play out in literally countless other TV shows. Girl has too much to drink, girl gets her adrenaline pumping, girl kisses guy and goes to bed with him, girl regrets it in the morning.

Grey’s used to be above this. What happened? What happened to my beloved, inventive show? If this is all we have left, I hope it gets pulled after this season, along with Private Practice.


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