Real Housewives of Atlanta – Jewels Be Dangled Starring Ridickulous - Episode 4

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Did I see that correctly, a man that can pleasure himself? The recent episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta was like a car wreck, we knew we shouldn’t watch yet we couldn’t take our eyes off of the set. Those of you that watched this episode know exactly what I am talking about……”Ridickulous.”

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Phaedra, you gained so much respect from me in this episode.  I was so impressed with you apologizing to Kim for your husband’s behavior at Kim and Kroy’s baby shower.  So many people would not have accepted responsibility for their husband’s behavior yet Phaedra stepped up to the plate.  But wait, she didn’t stop there.  The fact that Phaedra went to Kandi’s Birthday celebration without her husband was also admirable.

She didn’t want her husband to get into it again with Peter.  Peter is a whole other story which I will get to shortly.  I was very impressed until Phaedra presented the Birthday present to Kandi.  I’m sorry, but Phaedra what were you thinking?  This was not a bachelorette party.  This gift of Ridickulous was just wrong!  I think that gift was more for Phaedra.  Did you see her drooling over Ridickulous when everyone else was completely embarrassed?  I personally do not need to see a man pleasure himself ever again.  Something about that just isn’t right.  Phaedra, you impressed me in the beginning but missed the target in the end.  On a side note, I have to say I loved the dress that you wore to meet Kandi and Sheree to check out the restaurant for the party.

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I understand how uncomfortable everyone was at the party with Phaedra’s gift to Kandi but two things struck me as very rude.  It was not right for people to leave Kandi’s party.  Most grown-ups will leave a room and wait for things to pass over.  Don’t leave your friend’s party.  After all, Kandi had nothing to do with this gift.  I have adored Kandi’s mom until she left the party upset with Kandi.  Again it wasn’t Kandi’s idea nor did she have knowledge about this.  Why would you get mad at your daughter and take it out on her.  Poor Kandi, she always just wants everyone to get along and have a great time but always seems to be stuck in the middle. Peter has come across as an arrogant ass in the last two episodes.  No wonder Cynthia’s family doesn’t think he is the right fit for her.  I understand how Peter would be upset with Cynthia’s sister and mom but he has to look at both sides of the story.  If he really loved his wife he wouldn’t allow this to happen and he would step up to the plate for the love of his wife.  Why did Peter try to pick a fight with Phaedra’s husband at Kim’s baby shower and what’s the point of showing up in the last 15 minutes and without a gift I might add? What drama waits for us next week?  I cannot wait to share with you.  What are your thoughts on this show and what about the clothes?  I’ll watch it every week just to check out what they are wearing.  Yes the drama does add a little something extra special.        


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