Renewed for Season Three!

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Thing are looking great over at HBO. Not only has some new art been released for the upcoming season of True Blood while other new shows Veep and Girls are off to a strong, highly buzzed about start, Game of Thrones is also keeping up with its blisteringly successful first season while only four episodes into its second!

If you haven’t watched much of Game of Thrones, I can’t necessarily blame you. It takes quite a bit of effort to keep all of the houses straight, and it’s pretty intense. However, it would likely be a very enjoyable Sunday if you decided to tune in next week. It can be hard to jump into, but once you’re in the thick of it all, you’re hooked. If you can’t take my word for it, take the rest of America’s. The ratings this season have been unreal, only building on last year’s ridiculously successful freshman effort. This is practically unheard of for a show as whimsical, serious, and dark as Game of Thrones, especially on premium cable TV.

In fact, reviews and ratings have been so impressive, HBO just announced they are renewing Game of Thrones for a third season. What’s more, even though the show has already had a pretty lofty budget, the third season will be even heftier. That means more dramatic scenery, even bolder special effects, and a continuation of the already wonderful acting, writing, and direction.

If you need a bit of style to persuade you, I’ll let you know right here and now that you’ll likely be impressed with what Thrones has to offer. Though it does take place in some kind of gritty medieval dark age, the main characters are royalty, so they wear some of the most beautiful costumes I’ve ever seen (and what else would you expect from HBO?). Furthermore, the star power speaks for itself. For instance, Natalie Dormer, known for her turn as Anne Boleyn on The Tudors, has recently debuted as a recurring character, and she has immediately become one of my favorite English actresses of all time. No one knows how to play a calculating, power monger like Ms. Dormer – she’s done it twice now, with panache. Or there’s Lena Headey, known for her role in 300, who never fails to amaze me as the crazy but fascinating Cersei. These two women have style in spades, and I highly suggest you check it out before the season ends!


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