Ringer vs. Revenge

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Ringer and Revenge are two hot new shows I’ve become totally immersed in since September. Each is about leading ladies with well-kept secrets regarding their identities. In a nutshell, Revenge tells the story of Emily, who was born to privilege but lost it all when her father was murdered and she was wrongfully sent to prison as a teenager. In her mid-twenties, she returns to the Hamptons to take her revenge on those who did this to her family. Ringer takes place only a few miles away, in NYC, and tells the tale of twin sisters. Bridgette is a recovering drug addict on the run from the mob, and Siobhan (shi-vaughn) is a socialite who leads Bridgette into believing she has died, but she actually faked her own death (reasons unknown). Bridgette takes this opportunity to start a new life among NYC’s elite. Both shows excel on many levels. They are both extremely stylish and have some well-constructed characters. However, if I have to choose one or the other as being superior, I have to give the edge to Revenge. It comes down to the stakes. Revenge is more often than not a high-octane soap, with new and recurring storylines that can ruin or even kill certain characters. On the other hand, Ringer is more of a mystery that’s slowly being uncovered. Ringer really only gives any power to the twins, as the rest of the characters are pretty ignorant of the crazy going on in their lives. Revenge does a better job of sharing the power. Though Emily’s secret is the cornerstone of the show, plenty of other characters have their own secrets, and their own vengeful plots too. I guess you could say both shows know how to write suspenseful drama, but only Revenge does it in style!


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