Second Time’s a Charm!

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I consider myself a pretty invested fan of 30 Rock, but I somehow missed all the promotions for this week’s episode (airing May 3). Now that I’ve seen this episode, I realize that it’s pretty much NBC’s best-kept secret. I had no idea they were doing another reality episode, so I couldn’t have been more pleasantly surprised. I loved the original airing last year (my favorite line – “Who the f* are the Beatles?!”), and I feel like things only got better.

For one, they upped the amount of direct references to the various Real Housewives shows, to hilarious results. I think my favorite part was Cheek (prounced Chic), the shapewear line modeled after my dear Jill Zarin’s Skweez Couture. I also loved the very subtle, but still unforgettable “You know this is her night!” When I heard this quote, I was literally texting up a storm to all of my friends, who are just as obsessed with any of the Housewives franchises. Is Tina Fey simply obsessed with the Housewives? This is literally the fifth episode where she’s made a direct joke about one or more, AND I’ve seen her on Watch What Happens Live in a fierce jet black dress comparing The Real Housewives of New York to Mean Girls.

On other fronts, I was glad to see the return of Sherri Shepherd as Tracy Morgan’s wife. As usual, she was laugh-inducing, and she wore the perfect mix of sassy and stylish clothing. However, her leopard print ensemble was nothing compared to the outfit that Kenneth wore DOWN THE RUNWAY. Yeah, if you’ve ever seen 30 Rock, you can just imagine how he would do a catwalk. In a word, unforgettably.

Jack also provided some comic relief, trying to deal with the cameras following him around as he and his mistress (Avery’s MOTHER, if you forgot) attempted to cover up their lurid affair, while news broke that Avery herself is finally returning to the country! I am pretty excited about this too, because Elizabeth Banks can pretty much do no wrong in my book, and her character has the best fashion sense of character on this show…even if it is kind of business-woman lite.

Lastly, I’m quite sad that D’Fwan is gone for probably another season. Let’s all hope and pray he’ll make a cameo in the season finale, only a couple of weeks away!


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