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I had high hopes for the latest episode of Saturday Night Live. To begin, Sofia Vergara was hosting, and I am absolutely in love with her. Her beauty is matched only by her comedic ability, and I’ve been waiting for her to host SNL ever since she was nominated for her first Emmy. Next, there were the reports of a new cast member joining the ranks, and it’s a woman! I love funny women, and SNL has been in dire need of some this year. Lastly, there were the reports of Kristen Wiig, Andy Samberg, AND Jason Sudeikis leaving at the end of the year…so time is limited to make some great episodes. Well, the kids at 30 Rock didn’t disappoint! I was thoroughly enamored with every bit of the episode, and it was one of the highlights of the post-holiday episodes. To begin, Sofia Vergara looked absolutely stunning the entire episode. She even looked great dressed up as Fran Drescher and screaming in the most annoying voice I could ever imagine. Somehow, even with her extra-voluptuous figure, she manages to look classy, rather than trashy. More celebrities should take cues from her on how to dress.

Anyway, the newest cast member also brought the funny! I’ve been hesitant to embrace new players this year, because the last few funny ladies have been less than amazing. However, I think Kate McKinnon may have just broken that streak! Granted, she does have experience in televised sketch comedy (starring in The Big Gay Sketch Show on Logo), but still, after seeing that Tabitha impression, I don’t think anyone can deny she’s got some real comedic chops. Then that Penelope Cruz impression?!?! Whenever someone can make a so-so impression still be hilarious, it’s a good sign. Bonus fact – she’s the first openly lesbian star to grace the SNL stage, so you know she had to be nervous! More props to her for doing so well on her first night. Lastly, we have the impact of the upcoming departures of veteran cast members. Though nothing’s confirmed, I think the writing’s on the wall. A few months ago, Ms. Wiig declared that Gilly was officially retired, but she brought her out again last night! I’m thinking it was a standing ovation before she exits for good. Though I’m not normally a fan of the Gilly skits, this was a pretty good one. They took some new angles to the well-worn jokes, and they landed well. I’m pretty OK with it, as long as it’s the last time! There are only a few episode left, so let’s cross our fingers they’re just as good!


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